pixar movies quiz

Name all the Pixar Movies

Year after year the good folks at Pixar keep making incredible films. Their body of work keeps growing. If you have kids, this Pixar movies quiz might be a breeze, but most adults should at […] […]

Original 13 Colonies

The Original 13 Colonies of the United States

The original Thirteen Colonies were English colonies that stretched from New England to the northern edge of the Floridas. The English settlements of the original 13 colonies were divided into three geographic areas: the New England colonies, […]

body parts quiz

The Three Letter Body Parts Quiz

How many three-letter body parts can you name? You could argue that ‘gut’ and ‘lap’ belong on this list, but we are slang and we are not dealing in slang here. Basic anatomy has rarely been […] […]

countries of Africa quiz

Can You Name the Countries of Africa

If you have taken on the Countries of South America quiz or the Countries of Europe quiz, why not continue your world tour? Try this countries of Africa quiz and go onward to world domination. […]